too much awesomeness is the love child of ken and angie clunk. best friends since two thousand and two and madly in love (yeah, we totally do it) we’ve built this thing from the ground up and have since grown into a team of exceptional creatives that just absolutely kill it every week.

nice to meet you too.

angie birthday-8.jpg

Ken - director of awesomeness

  • i'm a music fiend, an ice cream float enthusiast, and hardcore nerd - in that order
  • roadtrips make me happy
  • i can't get enough of my wife's infectious humor
  • 63 out of 70 times i'm making a bad joke
  • our daughters aren't for sure the best thing ever, but they are kind of the best thing ever
  • i'm a bit of a netflix aficionado
  • if you don't like breaking bad, i might not like you

Angie - Advisor of Awesome

  • 80% of my thoughts are about food
  • my best friend is three years old
  • when I grow up I want to be sandra bullock
  • i could eat brunch for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • justin timberlake is my boyfriend
  • i used to iron my jeans and secretly still want to
  • did someone say pie? 
  • waking up before my alarm makes me angry
00077 Lakewood Family Fall Portrait Photographer.jpg

Jarred - Photographer EXTRAORDINAIRE

  • my wife is way out of my league I hope she doesn’t find out
  • i’ve seen game seven way too many times
  • total eclipse of the heart is the single greatest song ever
  • i knew i was an adult when I held my baby winnie
  • 100% of my game is lit (bruh)
  • i once survived the cordyceps apocalypse
  • captain picard is my idol
  • i eat quad espressos for breakfast

Kayla - Photo magician

  • elsie, my amazing adorable happy baby, overwhelms me with every. emotion. ever.
  • i'm obsessed with queen bey. all day, err' day. 
  • as a kid I used to dream of being able to eat dessert first when I was adult. mission accomplished. over and over and over.
  • favorite food combo = queso and margs. 
  • i watch way too much netflix. background, on repeat. because baby. 
00008 awesomeness.jpg

Rob - dream maker

  • i made my daughter cry when i shaved my beard off, i didn't know i was that ugly
  • when i grow up I want to be a teenager again
  • i love my wife and kids almost as much as i love hockey
  • my guilty pleasure song is anything bieber, not joking
  • i nap like it’s my job and watch way too much workaholics
  • saved by the bell makes me happy
  • i once ate an entire box of fruity pebbles in one sitting
00289 Lakewood High School Photobooth Gala.jpg

Chelsea - photobooth kween

  • favorite food combo : grilled cheese and tomato soup.
  • i've seen home alone way too many times.
  • the peace & quiet of early mornings feed my soul
  • michelle obama is my hero
  • i'm a self-proclaimed bargain hunter and garage sale junkie
  • i once spent a summer in europe during college and it changed my view on life completely
  • i rock out to bill withers "lovely day" in my pajamas
00001 awesomeness.jpg

Lee - video master

  • mr. rogers should be president
  • my twins are super cute, but one is way cuter than the other currently
  • rose should have made room on the float for jack
  • i’m obsessed with drones
  • i eat ice cream with a fork (like a weirdo)
  • youtube takes six hours of my day, everyday
  • as a kid I used to be fat
  • i play the drums in some metal bands  - you should totally come to our show

MArk - Image NInja

  • i'm like really really good on the guitar
  • my dreamy looks will distract you
  • my wife and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary and I still totally like making out with her. 
  • the white stripes are the greatest two piece band. ever.
  • you already stopped reading this because you keep looking at my dreamy looks.  
  • i'm also pretty good on the accordion, want me to play something for you?