Coraline Rose // march eleventh two-thousand fourteen

We lived a full life together. Twelve years of being madly in love with each other. Madly in love with being together. We've shared about a billion laughs, thousands of photos, 1500 desserts, 30 or so roadtrips, a handful of epic once in a lifetime travel experiences, and most recently our most extraordinary adventure yet. 

We welcomed our beautiful daughter, Coraline Rose, into the world on March 11th, 2014 at 2:32pm. She's pretty much the coolest thing to ever happen, ever. 

Hugs and lots of love to Kayla Schneider of Full Bloom Photography for capturing such meaningful and emotional moments for us. 

PS. we previously shared the reactions to the big news, and an ultrasound awhile back, along with photos of the pregnancy journey.

Believe in CLE // a yoga movement celebrating cleveland

"Believe in CLE is a movement taking shape in the heart of Cleveland. Through the power of collective consciousness, believe in CLE harnesses the unifying force within our community by raising awareness, generating energy and accelerating the exciting revolution happening in Cleveland, Ohio."

Believe in CLE is an amazing Yoga movement which makes you feel good and puts more awesome out into the world. The event is supported by Inner Bliss Yoga, Cleveland’s premier Westside yoga studio. They previously united thousands of yogis at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and then again at The Cleveland Museum of Art.

This time around they practiced together at the Historic 78th Street Studios where DJ Kyro rocked the beats as the beautiful scents of Indu Lotion filled the air. Suzie Frazier provided a "believe intention block" for everyone, a little reminder to offer clarity day to day. You can see more of those, or purchase a set, here. Finally Spice Box offered some delicious eats as everyone explored the eclectic galleries of 78th Street Studios

We also pulled out the photobooth for some good times. 

A Mother's Beauty // our greatest adventure yet

Angela's beauty throughout this journey has been unmatched. Her strength, courage, and compassion is beyond astonishing, and I'm thrilled to see her love explode in new directions.

We're patiently waiting for our little peanut to arrive, as we just crossed 40 weeks. No concerns from the doctor, and the baby is as active as ever in Angela's belly. We suspect it's just waiting and preparing to accept the abundance of love coming it's way.  #comingsoon

PS. we previously shared the reactions to the big news, and an ultrasound awhile back